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kitchen with a variety of different cabinets

There are many different types of cabinets -- everything from a small space behind the mirror in the bathroom for medicines to a locked closet for guns. Cabinets provide storage space. They may also provide support for other features, like the mirror in the bathroom or the counter in the kitchen.


Cabinets often include shelves. Some considerations for cabinets are the safety appearance, adjustability and accessibility.


When cabinets are used to store items that are potentially dangerous, such as medicines, guns, tools or knives, an important feature may be a good lock and/or protection from break-ins.


Current cabinets can often be "refaced" rather than replaced to provided a different look. The fronts or doors can be refinished or replaced without changing the rest of the cabinet, or just repainting or varnishing the visible parts.

Shelf adjustment[]

Shelf height and the number of shelves may be fixed or adjustable. Some cabinets provide easy adjustments for the location of the shelves within them. In other cabinets you may end up wasting a lot of space because the shelves are all the same, fixed height.


Some shelves roll out or rotate (like a lazy susan) for better access.

Types of cabinets[]

Some specific types of cabinets are