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A bucket can serve many useful purposes. It can be used to dilute a floor cleaner with water and then mop the floor. It can be used to mop up a liquid mess. It can be used to hold and transport supplies.

Buckets may have added wringers to help rinse out excess or dirty water away from a mop.

Other uses for a bucket:

  • pre-soaking dirty laundry
  • building sand castles
  • ice bucket (usually a specialized, insulated and more attractive bucket)

Materials[edit | edit source]

Considerations[edit | edit source]

A cleaning bucket should be large enough to fit the mop you use. Household cleaning are frequently made of plastic and should be strong enough to hold up when filled with water and cleaning agents. Larger cleaning buckets, for commercial or industrial use, usually have wringers and wheels and are frequently made of metal. A related consideration is whether the user will be able to lift the bucket when it has water in it -- while the bucket itself is usually light weight, when filled with water it can be very heavy and difficult to handle without spilling.

A play bucket for children to use should be light and small enough that the children can carry it even when filled with sand, water or both. Play buckets often come with a miniature shovel and sometimes molds for sand. They are usually made of plastic in bright colors and with cheerful designs on them. These buckets break more easily and often fade if left out in the sunlight.

Ice buckets can be small plastic buckets without even a handle left for guests in hotel chains, but when buying one for home use, you probably want to get a better quality one -- double sided for insulation, large enough for ice and one or two bottles of wine and with an attractive look that will fit in with other serving dishes at a fancy meal.

Phrases[edit | edit source]

Phrases using "bucket":

  • by the bucket, bucketful - usually indicating a relatively large quantity of something
  • kick(ed) the bucket - die(d)
  • bucket list - things to do before death
  • "Don't throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water." - Anonymous saying[1]

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