Red House

large, red brick house

Brick is used primarily as an external surface on buildings, but in some cases it may be used for internal floors or walls, fireplaces, decoration or external items, such as grills. In addition to use on the exterior of the home, it may also be used for sidewalk or driveway pavers or garden edging.

Brick can be structural or siding. In general, adds more to a house's value than other external types. Brick is long lasting, relatively low maintenance. It's a better insulator than some other materials. It's fire resistant.

Generally bricks are made of fired clay. The temperature, ores and length of firing can affect the color and strength of the brick. Because clay is very moldable bricks can be made in many different shapes. Building bricks are generally rectangular with tube shaped holes going through vertically. The holes make the bricks lighter and easier to handle. They may also provide better mortar contact making the walls built with them stronger. Decorative and paving bricks do not usually have holes, and they are flatter.

Some bricks are made of glass. Play bricks are made out of plastic, like Legos (tm).


A set of brick, attached cottages.



Glass and clay bricks.

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