Rearranged shelf display

bookshelves used primarily for displaying pictures

Bookshelves are, not surprisingly, shelves for books. They provide storage for books as well a display setting for objects. Like other good forms of storage, bookshelves can also help organize the books. Unlike many other forms of storage, bookshelves tend to be open allowing the user to see and access the books.

Cookbook Shelf

the cookbook shelves


Some things to consider when evaluating bookshelves are

  • shelf adjustability (Some bookshelves allow you to raise and lower individual shelves, adjusting the distance between them, and the height of books or items that can be placed on them.)
  • protection of the books (from dampness, humidity)
  • appearance
  • accessibility and visibility of the books
  • other uses (bookshelves can also be used as displace cases or for other storage)
  • materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic
  • tilt -- some bookshelves are tilted to make access easier, especially the lower ones
  • doors
  • number of shelves
  • weight the bookshelves can support
  • is the base adjustable for slightly uneven floors or is there a wall anchor - anti-tilt features
  • freestanding, attached to the wall or built in
  • height or space between shelves
  • some bookshelves are collapsable or foldable, making them easier to store between uses or to move
  • some bookshelves are modular -- they can be combined for more book space or with other related modules such as drawers for other storage
P6190016-Our living room

bookshelves on the left



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