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Books in a home serve many purposes... We read books for information and entertainment. We write books for income and a creative outlet.

Some related activities include hobbies such as book binding, creating picture or travel albums and book clubs. There is also illustration. Some people collect books -- first editions, certain genres or authors, illustrations or design of artwork or fonts. People also use books as part of a routine, such as bedtime stories or a way o wind down before sleeping.

Books can also provide information about how to improve our homes -- how to construct or fix things, how to clean and maintain things.

Weekend book binding

book binding

If books are left in an unattended areas such as in damp and dark areas or places left untouched for a period of time may cause mold to grow. It helps to regulate the temperature of the room so dampness don't arise or it could be a draft from the window that can be blocked out.

Problems of bookworms may arise from the same situations as well. Signs of bookworms are holes appearing right through the book and silk appearing in some places. Things to do in prevention of further damage to the book or the infestation spreading is to package it up in a sealable plastic bag and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Take it out and defrost and the problem should not persist.

Paper burns, so do not keep books too near flames -- gas stoves or fireplaces. And older, more fragile books can fade if left for extended periods in bright light, such as sunlight.

It's a good idea to keep reference books near the places the information in them will be used. For instance, keep cookbooks in the kitchen, work related books in the office or work space and bedtime stories in the bedroom. So, you may wish to have some shelves or a bookcase in various parts of your home.

Cookbook Shelf

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books and other media stored in the kitchen

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