Block party in The Woods

a block party

Block party (or street party) is a party usually held by the neighborhood to commemorate an event of some kind. A block party can also be held as a fund raiser, a political event, a way to raise awareness of an issue, or to build community spirit.

Mainly people set up tables and chairs with easily preparable and readily available food for the masses. A form of entertainment is usually arranged if it is to commemorate an event. A block, neighborhood to street party can vary in size from fewer than 10 neighbors to well over a thousand people.

In some cases, it is important to get permission from the authorities to hold a party.

If you are planning to hold a street party, some considerations should be taken into account:

  • number of people attending
  • types of food and drinks
  • amount of food needed
  • entertainment
  • weather
  • budget

It would help to go around the neighborhood asking neighbors if they wish to help as holding a block party alone is to big of a task to take on.

Mifflin street blockparty 2007

Mifflin Street block party 2007

Larger block parties may require security and legal considerations. For instance, in large cities, a block party may involve getting permission to block the street to vehicular traffic or involve enough people that the police may want to provide some presence.


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