A blanky is a blanket whose primary purpose is emotional comfort rather than the traditional purpose of providing warmth.

One Year Old

"I've got my trusty blanky."

It's good to have an alternative comfort toy for the times when the blanky needs to be taken for awhile to wash it. A pacifier or stuffed animal might work. In some cases, a similar blanket to switch back and forth is useful.

alternative spellings: blankie, blankey

If similar blankets are available, it can also be a good idea to cut one into smaller pieces and hem it. A few handkerchief sized blanket can be carried around in a purse or pocket to be available to comfort when needed. It can be used as a blanket for a stuffed animal or doll too.

The philosopher

The iconic character of Linus from the Charley Brown cartoon series is almost never portrayed without his trusty blanky.


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