This article is about the basic household toolset, that is the set of tools that most homes need often enough that it's worth keeping around. This will vary depending on the residents, location and household in the household. The intent here is to list common basics. These also make good house warming gifts for people, especially when they don't have them from previous homes. In general the following lists go from the most critical to less critical tools. Most of the sections below also have related, more detailed articles that are not as "basic". Please feel free to suggest more or re-order based on your experience.

Repair and building toolsEdit

Cleaning toolsEdit

Kitchen and cooking basicsEdit

These will vary based on the available appliances and size of the more common meals (large family or single eater?). Also see utensils.

Office or paperworkEdit

Even if you don't have a home office, almost all modern homes must deal with paperwork -- children's homework, bills, correspondence (paper or electronic).

  • notepad
  • pens and/or pencils
  • envelopes
  • stamps

If a personal computer is part of your key household tools, there will be other, related tools, such as a printer, ink, etc.

Hobby or specialized activitiesEdit

These will vary too much from household to household. If someone in the home is enthusiastic about a hobby or makes a living from a home-based workshop, there will be other tools that are key or "basic" to those activities. (See hobbies.)

Other considerationsEdit

In addition to the tools, you need a place to store them, for instance a toolbox.

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