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dog on bamboo floor

Bamboo floors have been getting publicity recently.

Some have advertised them as more eco-friendly. Because bamboo grows very quickly and is a renewable resource, that is a possibility. But some claim that forests have been clear-cut to grow bamboo, which is not an improvement for the environment. Also, much of the bamboo grown for commercial purposes may be grown in places with poor labor practices and at a far distance from their destinations, requiring energy for transportation.

Bamboo floors have some of the same issues as wood floors. They are sensitive to too much or too little humidity. If a bamboo or wood floor gets wet, it is important to wipe up the liquid as soon as possible. They can be soft and easily scratched -- especially if the bamboo was not properly aged and prepared. Wood flooring can be refinished after it gets older, and when cared for, wood floors can last over 100 years. However, problems have been reported with refinishing not working well for bamboo.

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