Babies have special safety needs. This baby safety checklist is for collecting safety tips for babies and small children.

It's very incomplete right now, would you please add your tips?

Babies and toddlers, even infants, can move faster, fit through a smaller space and climb higher than you'd expect.

  • don't leave a baby unattended anyplace that doesn't have a safe border (see rail or safety gate)
  • put outlet covers into unused electrical sockets
  • consider cord placement -- babies can pull on them and pull things over or off counters, babies can also get tangled in them, which can create a choking or danger from cutting off circulation
  • secure places where you keep things that could be dangerous if the baby swallows them -- the cabinet or closet where cleaning supplies are kept, the medicine cabinet
  • put babies to sleep on their backs and remove loose, soft items that could impede the baby's breathing (for instance, lots of soft pillows, toys or blankets)
  • especially in an older building, check for lead paint or in the water from the pipes

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