Mmmmm ... Pie

The apple pie homemaker with her frilly apron

An apron is a cover worn when cooking or doing other messy tasks to keep the wearers clothes clean in front. An apron may cover from neck to about the knees or just the waist to knees. It's one of the symbols that's sometimes used to represent home or homemakers. It was especially a symbol of the stereotypical 1950's housewife. But aprons, usually made of thicker materials, are also part of the protective gear that is normal for some jobs, like woodworking or some farming tasks. The protection can be a safety precaution or just a way to protect more expensive and harder to wash clothing from dirt or spills. It's also provides a way to put on nicer clothing, then finish up cooking before guests arrive without messing up the nicer clothing.

Some aprons have pockets to make it easier to carry tools with you as you move around the workspace.



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