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to do list

Somethings should be checked or given maintenance about once a year, but it doesn't really matter when during the year. So, here's a start for an annual maintenance checklist. Of course the activities you need to do each year will depend on your home and related things like where it is, who lives there and the type of home.

Here are some possible items:

  • update your safety kit, emergency supplies
    Replace items that may have expired. Change items to meet the changing needs of family members, i.e., growing children, different health needs.
  • make copies of important documentation and put in a separate, safe place in case of emergency
  • consider whether any financial, insurance or legal documentation needs updating
    Do you want to update your budget to save more in order to buy a house? Do you need or want to update your will? Do you have a household inventory of valuables? Does it need updating?
  • if you have other checklists, go over them to make sure you didn't miss anything
  • update your personal objectives
  • look for items to donate or give away
    • what do you no longer wear or like?
    • do you have too many utensils in the kitchen?
    • are there toys the children no longer like?
  • Water Heater
    • drain water to get rid of sediment
    • test temperature pressure relief valve
    • clean burner and ports (gas heater)
  • sharpen knife blades
  • re-evaluate your home budget
    • plan major repairs or renovations
    • consider changes residents will need (growing children, older adults)
    • record any major changes made over the past year for tax and resale purposes

Note: This is a very incomplete list, do you have good things to add?


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