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While often sold and stored together, as cleaning supplies, do NOT mix bleach and ammonia.

Ammonia is a common household cleaning supply. It is good for producing a streak-free shine. So, it is popular for cleaning glass, especially windows and metal surfaces. Ammonia is a chemical composed of one nitrogen molecule and 3 hydrogen molecules (NH3). For household ammonia, it is dissolved in water. It has a strong smell and is potentially very dangerous. Its pH is base. Combined with bleach, it can potentially form a hazardous gas. Because either ammonia or bleach are common components of many household cleaners, you should be careful to not mix those cleaners. With its base properties, ammonia can offset the effects of some acids, so it is part of some treatments for bug bites or stings. Given its hazards, products with ammonia should be safely stored out of the reach of small children.

ammonia, a bucket (for diluting in water), scrub cloth and box of protective gloves