air filters - a new one in its packaging and an old one (note the color different with the dirt the older filter has caught)

Air filters are one of many different kinds of filters you can use in your home to adjust your indoor environment. Air filters come in several different varieties, including whole house, room and air cleaners and purifiers. An air filter may be part of a furnace or air conditioning unit or it may be a stand-alone device. Basically, air is forced through a fine net or filter the dirt (dust, pollen, mold, etc.) in the air sticks to the filter and the air passes through. Air can be cycled through by the existing systems for circulating heated or cooled air.

Five different kinds of whole house cleaners [1]:

  1. Whole house HEPA air filtration bypass air cleaners
  2. Whole house Electronic air cleaners
  3. Whole house Self-Charging electrostatic air filters
  4. Whole house Ultra-violet light systems
  5. Whole house Portable ozone-ionizer air purifiers

Some standalone air filters are designed to filter out pet dander and hair.

furnace filter

Many air filters will visibly change color over time as they collect dirt out of the air. Most air filters start out white.

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